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About SNU

About SNU


SNU represents the operationalisation of the County Plan for Troms within the area of trade and industry and is intended for use as a management tool for industrial development.

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The key challenges that have been identified in the County of Troms are: access to relevant expertise and recruitment, the absence of a diverse industrial structure, the dispersed population and the lack of risk capital. In order to meet these challenges and identify and trigger advantages, the county council has drawn up an Industrial Development Strategy for Troms (SNU).

Industrial development

SNU is a tool which sets out the prioritised direction for industrial development. It aims to strengthen the role of the county council as a social developer and regional development player by facilitating and creating links between players and stimulating growth throughout the region.

A network hub

SNU aims to identify societal driving forces, optimise resource use and ensure that regional priorities harmonise with challenges, advantages and needs across the region. To ensure that this contributes to industrial development, the county council must act as a network hub for relevant partners through its role as a social developer.

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Our aims

SNU aims to operationalise and concretise the County Plan for Troms within industrial development. It will also initiate sector strategies and address new needs, issues, opportunities and tasks going forward.


“Arctic innovation – R&D – strategy for Troms” has also been adopted with a particular emphasis on promoting research, innovation and development amongst the region’s industries. The R&D strategy is cross-sectorial in nature. Together with SNU, it will lay the foundations for future strategic priorities within industry and innovation and the link between these.

During the implementation of SNU, there will be a strong focus on interaction, coordination and the roll-out of both sector-based and cross-sectorial strategies.

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